Success stories from our patients

“I was able to expand much faster and control how much I expanded each time. It was nice to have some control over my body. After my chemo was done, I was able to complete my reconstruction and feel whole again. I am cancer free! With God and a positive attitude, all things are possible. I am so grateful!”

— Michelle S.
“We were both excited about using AeroForm and knew it would be the best choice given my active lifestyle…The AeroForm allowed me to continue my activities without numerous doctor appointments and the painful injections required for traditional expansion. I was also in charge of my own expansion. I could expand in the privacy of my own home and expand to my own desired size.”

— Marcy B.
“I hope that the AeroForm becomes the standard of care for all breast cancer survivors in the very near future. No woman who has to face this illness should be denied this easier path to reconstruction… Having so much control over the expansion process enabled me to keep living fully during treatment.”

— Sofia Q.
“The patient ultimately controls the expansion process under the direction of her doctor… the patient has an actual hand in the healing process.”

— Barbara B.
“Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, but hidden and sometimes not so hidden are gifts… Clearly the AeroForm and the technology has been an unforgettable gift, which I hope will be available to all women facing reconstruction.”

— Joan G.
“When my plastic surgeon offered the chance to be part of an FDA clinical study using the AeroForm expanders, I immediately agreed. Not only would I be in control of the situation with remotes, but the degree of weekly expansion would be much increased, speeding up the process and eliminating the weekly saline injections.”

— Chris K.
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